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Reach active local piano shoppers with your piano-related products and services through our innovative, low-cost, low-risk, online advertising program.

Hundreds of thousands of active piano shoppers annually, many in your local area, read Larry Fine’s free online publication, Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer, or access, the premier piano classified-ad website. Now, using unique zip code matching software, the Local Market Offers program allows you to reach those shoppers, paying only when they receive your promotional offer, in the exact market area you define, up to the monthly budget you set. That's why we call it precision-targeted!

Piano Dealers

The most critical part of running a piano business is getting prospective buyers into your store. It's hard to find cost-effective places to advertise because most people either aren't interested in pianos or aren't local to you. The Local Market Offers program is an innovative solution to this problem.

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Piano Technicians

Building a client base is often a long and difficult process. One group of potential clients that is often overlooked are those who are buying a used piano and need it evaluated, then repaired, restored, or maintained. The Local Market Offers program makes it easy to find these shoppers. Find Out More...

Piano Teachers

Since most piano buyers are first-time buyers, there's a good chance that someone who is about to buy a piano is looking for a teacher, too. The Local Market Offers program can help them find you before they find someone else. Find Out More...

How It Works

When accessing or for the first time, shoppers are immediately served up a customized Web page of local offers, linked to your website and expandable to full-page, printable ads or coupons.



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 Create and Setup Your Offer in Minutes

You, the advertiser, will have access to a password-protected online portal, through which you can:



  • Configure Your Market

    Configure the market in which you wish to have your offer distributed, according to metropolitan area, distance from a storefront, or by state, county, or zip code.

  • Upload your own ad

    Upload your own unique full-page ad.

  • Upload your own ad

    Change your offer at any time, and create multiple offers, each with a different ad and market area, for example, one for new pianos and one for used.

  • Set Maximum Amount

    Set the maximum amount you wish to spend each month, and change it at any time. Payment is on a "pay-per-offer-delivered" basis and charged monthly to your credit card. You pay only when your offer is displayed to a shopper in your market area.

  • Access statistics

    Access statistics on offer performance, such as number of offers delivered and amount spent in a given time period, amount remaining in monthly budget, etc.

With our easy, online, step-by-step instructions, you'll have your offer up and running in minutes!

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